Maria Curie Skladowska


Facts andThe largest higher education institution in Eastern Poland

  • 11 faculties in Lublin plus the UMCS branch campus in Puławy
  • Over 80 programmes on offer taught in Polish and English
  • More than 250 specializations available to choose from
  • Over 1600 international students
  • 181 international agreements with partners from all over the world
  • A wide range of national and international internship placement options
  • Study programmes designed to meet the demands of the labour market
  • In 2016 UMCS has been chosen by employers as top higher education institution in Lublin voivodeship
  • Opportunities to establish cooperation with prospective employees
  • Professional educational counselling and career guidance
  • Over 21 000 students
  • Over 226 000 graduates
  • Numerous opportunities to improve students’ foreign language proficiency, develop artistically and participate in sports activities
  • A variety of certified training courses available free of charge
  • 2600 housing options in 9 on-campus dormitories
  • Comfortable accommodation in University dormitories to suit a variety of budgets and needs
  • University campus located in the centre of Lublin
  • 4 rental stations of Lublin City Bike located in a close proximity of UMCS campus
  • Multimedia centre of art and culture
  • About 1000 students engaged in sports sections of the Academic Sports Association of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (AZS UMCS Lublin)
  • UMCS Main Library is home to almost 1 million books, 400 000 journals and 300 special collection items stored as traditional printed volumes
  • Numerous student organisations and science clubs
  • Modern learning facilities
  • 98,2 FM – University Radio Centrum broadcasts on that waves
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The programme is dedicated mainly to foreigners. Our BSc Medical Biology programme has been designed as an academic bridge (premedical studies) for students interested in pursuing a career as a physician, who have never before taken introductory natural sciences courses. The programme advances students’ knowledge necessary for entry into the professional programmes in medicine and helps them to fulfil the MD programme requirements.

These undergraduate studies offer also a broad-basis programme in biology underlying the basic training for the professional biologist, biochemists, microbiologists, and biophysicists as well as provide a strong foundation for many other career opportunities. The learning outcomes provide our graduates with professional skills and knowledge required for work in medical laboratories, research institutions, sanitary-epidemiological stations, environmental protection institutions, and science-based industries.

The graduate of the BSc Medical Biology programme has knowledge of basic disciplines of biology and biomedical sciences, including: developmental biology, microbiology, human anatomy, parasitology, genetics with elements of human genetics, radiology, elements of pathophysiology, basics of pharmacology, biochemistry of nutrition, applied biology in medicine, biological basics of herbal medicine, physical basis of instrumental diagnostics and physiotherapy, human immunology with elements of virology, pharmacological botany, biomaterial engineering in medicine, and biochemical methods in clinical analysis.

Training is given through: lectures, exercises, laboratory classes as well as experimental scientific practical training. The best internationally recognized scientists of the University belong to the teaching staff of this new branch of studies.

A bachelor's degree in science provides strong transferable skills for a variety of careers. Our graduates would enter biology, biotechnology and technology related career in scientific or engineering research and development, in science-based industries, medical biology and in teaching.

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2.900 | 2 Yıl

Master of Science (MSc)Mode of studyFull timeDuration of the programme2 years/4 semestersLanguage of instructionEnglishECTS points120Programme description

The two-year master study programme is designed for graduates of the bachelor study programmes. Students are to expand their knowledge within chemistry and the chosen major/specialization.

Graduates of the master studies should have basic theoretical knowledge and skills allowing them to solve problems involving chemistry as well as non-standard obstacles. They should also be able to give opinions on the basis of incomplete or limited information while observing legal and ethical principles.

Moreover, graduates ought to debate about chemistry both with specialists as well as amateurs in this field and be able to be leaders of teamwork. Graduates ought to have skills enabling them to work in chemical industry and related areas, state and municipal administration and be prepared for working in education (after completing teaching specialty). Graduates should be ready to take up research challenges and start education on PhD studies.

Tuition fee

Candidates applying to study on a fee-paying basis: 3100 EUR (1st year), 2900 EUR (2nd year)

Polish and EU citizens as well as other candidates following the regulations pertaining to Polish citizens can study free of charge within the set limit of available places. There are 1 place offered without the tuition fee for such candidates.

Application period1st April - September 2019Deadline for applicationSeptember 2019Academic year begins1st OctoberAcademic year endsBeginning of JulyEntry requirements

The program is addressed to candidates holding Bachelor degree or any other equivalent degree. Prospective students register online in the Online Registration System (IRK) and file all the necessary documents within the deadline or until all the places available have been filled.

The qualification procedure will be based on the arithmetic mean of marks (up to two decimal points) obtained from all final marks during the B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies.

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Eğitim ve Terapi
1.560 | 2 Yıl

Master of Arts (MA)Mode of studyFull timeDuration of the programme2 years/4 semestersLanguage of instructionEnglishECTS points120Programme description The programme is designed for both Polish and foreign students. It provides the skills needed to successfully help people with disabilities reach their potential. It enables to gain appropriate competences allowing cooperating effectively with people with disabilities, their families, social workers, educators, psychologists, physiotherapists and other specialists in order to include people with special needs in social life in the areas of: rehabilitation, education and vocational development, employment and leisure time.The program also allows to acquire the necessary practical skills to conduct therapeutic and rehabilitation activities with children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities, reduced mobility, vision or/and hearing impairments, chronic diseases and mental disorders.The programme has a unique content. The syllabus combines study of general issues in psychology and special education with detailed studies of inclusion, early intervention and rehabilitation.Specializations:

  • Special Education Needs Support
  • Rehabilitation of people with disabilities
  • Occupational therapy

Innovative learning methods applied in the course such as supervision, tutoring, mentoring, video training, simulation games are to help to strengthen the potential of the graduate and his practical skills to adapt to the professional challenges in the labour market.The programme’s completion enables further participation in Doctoral studies (Ph. D.) The studies also prepare students for work in special education domain.

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