University of Arts in Poznan


University of the Arts Poznan (UAP) is a modern university that continues the best traditions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

UAP is the only art university in Poland that provides education not only in the field of art. Students can also choose engineering and purely theoretical fields of study. The extensive university structure and highly qualified tutors, whose number is proportional to the number of students, allow for the development of excellent student-tutor relations. Each project implemented in art and design studios is an experiment. All tasks are open and performed with the active participation of professors, assistant professors, assistants and technical staff.


Tüm Programlar

  • rnrnSpecializations:rnInterdisciplinary Arts and Cultural EducationrnCultural Promotion and AnimationrnDescription of the field of study:rnExisting since 1985, the faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies has undergone severalrnmodifications in order to emphasize and enhance the uniqueness of its field of study, therncombination of theory and practice in arts. In addition to three painti... Detaylı İncele

  • Tasarım 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnDESIGNrnModes of study:rnFull-time first-cycle studies (BA)rnFull-time second-cycle studies (MA)rnFull-time third-cycle studies (PhD)rn(no specializations)rnDescription of the field of study:rnThe Department of Design has developed its own study program to nurture students to work asrndesigners. It offers both theoretical courses and workshops, which are conducted in design studios.rnThe De... Detaylı İncele

  • FURNITURE DESIGN 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnDescription of the field of study:rnUniversity of the Arts Poznan is the only art university in Poland to offer studies in the field ofrnFurniture Design. The new formula of the study program focuses on continuous development andrnoffers an innovative view of the profession of a furniture designer in order to strengthen its positionrnin the rapidly changing labour market. Students learn to ... Detaylı İncele

  • GRAPHICS 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnSpecializations:rnGraphic techniques (full-time first- and second-cycle studies)rnGraphic design (full-time and part-time first- and second-cycle studies)rnDescription of the field of study:rnThe educational process at the Department of Graphics supports a wide range of artistic attitudesrnand project activities. Graphics is taught on several levels. Students learn a wide range of graphic a... Detaylı İncele

  • İç Mimarlık 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnSpecializations:rnInterior DesignrnExhibition DesignrnDescription of the field of study:rnInterior Design is the oldest field of study at University of the Arts Poznan, educating students forrnnearly 90 years. It is currently part of the Department of Interior Design and Stage Design.rnThe study program ensures comprehensive development of students. They can choose fromrnnumerous studios sp... Detaylı İncele

  • INTERMEDIA 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnSpecializations:rnIntermedia (first- and second cycle studies)rnExperimentalfilm(first-cyclestudies)rnDescription of the Field of Study:rnStudents of Intermedia can choose one of two specializations: Intermedia and Experimental Film.rnThe study program is focused primarily on the issues of contemporary art in the field of rapidlyrndeveloping new media and communications technology, as well ... Detaylı İncele

  • Peyzaj Mimarlığı 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnDescription of the field of study:rnLandscape Design has been established as an independent field of study based on the forty-yearrnteaching and research tradition in the area of Bionics in Design. The Department of Bionics andrnLandscape (formerly the Department of Bionics) has professional teaching and research staff. Overrnthese years, some 1,500 students have designed and explored sever... Detaylı İncele

  • Resim 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnDescription of the field of study:rnThe study program enables students to familiarize themselves with different ideological andrnmethodological approaches to the field of study and develop their individual creative activity. Thernstudies are based on sound workshop practice and theoretical reflection on contemporary culturernand traditions. They enable students to acquire unique artistic co... Detaylı İncele

  • Fotoğrafçılık 5.000,00 | 3 Yıl

    rnrnDescription of the field of study:rnUniversity of the Arts in Poznan was the first higher education institution in Poland to introducernphotography courses at the university level. Over its twenty-seven years of experience, it hasrndeveloped its own study program, introduced photography as a separate field of study and, above all,rntaken many artistic and research initiatives. The universit... Detaylı İncele