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Certificates & Awards

Reliable School 2011 - The Most Credible School in Poland

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz won first place in the ranking of private universities in Poland with the rights to grant students an MA, organized by the Academic Information Centre (Akademickie Centrum Informacyjne) in Poznan. The center gave the academy the prestigious title of “Wiarygodna Szkoła” (Credible School).

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was awarded the “Reliable School” certificate by the Academic Information Centre of Poznan. This project aims to recognise non-public universities which function in line with the law, have at their disposal an appropriate didactic infrastructure, have accreditations awarded by the National Accreditation Committee, ensure proper conditions for study and conduct extensive scientific activities as well as cooperate with foreign universities.

Rzeczpospolita and Perspektywy ranking

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was placed 5th in the Polish Ranking of Non-Public Master’s Degree Universitites 2009 published by Rzeczpospolita magazine and “Perspektywy” monthly. This places UHE amongst the leading  non-public universities.

Student’s Nobel 2009

A student of UHE in Lodz – Piotr Pawlikowski has been considered the best student of the region of Lodz and awarded the Student’s Nobel 2009 in the competition organized by NZS in Lodz for his study results and social activity.

Modernization of the Year 2008

The building at 69/71 Pomorska Street, which houses the Television Recording Studios of the national Patio TV television, was the winner of the 12th Edition of the Polish Competition “Modernization of the Year 2007”. The facility owned by the Foundation of Entrepreneurship and Science Support operating at UHE won in the category of the “most interesting internal modernizations and adaptations”.

Equal Chances Company 2007

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was awarded the prestigious emblem as well as the title of the Equal Chances Company 2007 for applying a policy of equal chances of men and women at the workplace. Among one hundred companies from all over Poland, UHE placed first in the category of large enterprises. The Competition has been organized for the second time by the Lewiatan Polish Confederacy of Private Employers and Partners of the GENDER INDEX project (www.genderindex.pl). The competition took into consideration the proportion in employment of men and women, equality in access to promotions and trainings, manner of enrolment, reconciliation of private and professional life as well as practices preventing molesting and mobbing.

Student-friendly university 2004

In 2004, the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland awarded UHE in Lodz with a prestigious distinction of “Student-friendly university”.

Good News Messenger 2004

In 2004, UHE in Lodz was awarded the title of Good News Messenger.

Philanthropist of the Year 2005

UHE was awarded for cooperation with the Gajusz Foundation, and in particular for organization of the event entitled “Share your future” in which applicants for admission to the university, instead of the entry fee during the enrolment proceedings, paid a voluntary (no less than 10PLN) amount in aid of the Gajusz Foundation.

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