Wroclaw Ekonomi Universitesi

The Wrocław University of Economics provides fields of study as follow:

Finance and Accounting
Informatics and Econometrics
International Economics Relations
Business Informatics
Management and Productions Engineering
Economic Analytics
European Studies
Spatial Economy
The students can choose from 40 specializations within the range of courses offered by the faculties.


The educational system at WUE follows the requirements of the Bologna declaration. We apply the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and issue Diploma Supplements. The exchange of academic staff and students is carried out under the Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci programmes. In the academic year 2012/2013 there are more than 100 courses offered in foreign languages to Erasmus students. WUE has 115 Erasmus bilateral agreement and about 60 general cooperation agreement with foreign partners. The courses organized by the University of Economics, which are divided into semesters, are run in one or two level systems and can be attended as full-time day courses, part-time weekend courses and in the form of evening classes. The University is authorized to run an Executive MBA Program for graduates, and is available in a Polish or English language version, and is organized in conjunction with universities from Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany and Great Britain.

Curricula realized in the University include foundation subjects, general and specialist subjects and ensure full complementarily with other European universities curricula, which enables our students to participate in academic exchange and to study abroad as a part of their course. Foreign graduates are accepted here to complete their bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

The University offers free Polish language courses for the exchange students. The courses are provided during each semester and have two levels for the student to choose: beginners and intermediate. The course content will also help you to get acquainted with the Polish culture.
Didactic personnel

Qualified personnel of the Wrocław University of Economics have always been our greatest asset. WUE employees receive numerous awards for didactic and scientific achievements, and have exercised responsible duties over a number of scientific associations and societies, both in Poland and abroad. The most prominent of our colleagues have been awarded honorary titles by local and foreign institutions of higher learning. Prof. Zdzisław Hellwig received honorary doctorates of Cracow University of Economics and Prague University of Economics; prof. Józef Popkiewicz – of the Technical University of Dresden; prof. Ber Haus– of Katowice University of Economics; prof. Stanisław Urban – of Cracow University of Agriculture; prof. Andrzej Gospodarowicz – of University of Vilinius, and prof. Krzysztof Jajuga – of Cracow University of Economics. Our University has also awarded honorary titles to a number of leading economists.
Of the 24 scientists honored with the WUE doctorus honoris causa title are such figures as: Jochen Schumann, Giuseppe Calzoni, Robert Leroy King, János Kornai, Reinhard Selten – Nobel Prize laureate born in Wrocław, Andrzej Stanisław Barczak, Leszek Balcerowicz, Jerzy Rokita, Hiroyuki Itami, Marek Belka and Janusz Lewandowski.
Research endeavors of our employees have always been in close relation to didactic pursuits.

Tüm Programlar

  • If you want to develop your professional career at the doctoral level in either Economics or Management or Finance, consider applying to the Doctoral Program at the University of Economics in Wrocław.
    Our faculty is well-prepared to cooperate with you in creation of new knowledge both in work on your doctoral dissertation and in your ability to analyze, understand and solve professional pro... Detaylı İncele

  • Uluslararası Lojistik 2.500,00 | 2 Yıl

    Master Studies in International Logistics is the four-semesters studies, dedicate for students - future managers and business owners, who will operate in international and global environmental.
    This course will develop skills and qualifications in planning and organizing companies activities in the international world of business. It will help to recognized and solve problems and implement s... Detaylı İncele

  • International business 2.500,00 | 2 Yıl

    rnrnTomorrow’s manager is a person successfully functioning in a complex international environment. The necessity is to combine knowledge of advanced technologies with building interpersonal relations with partners from other cultures. In order to meet the expectations we have designed unique studies, fully in English, at the renowned university. We offer both undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) ... Detaylı İncele

  • Business Management 2.500,00 | 2 Yıl


    Master of Business Management (MBM)

    The proposed program is directed at the candidates interested in business administration/management. It consists of four semesters of intensive English Language classes.
    The MBM equips students with the skills most desired by graduate employers and the fundamental business knowledge to increase their opp... Detaylı İncele