Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Universitesi

Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Universitesi Krakov da kurulmuş modern bir üniversitedir.

Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University is a full-fledged, accredited, non-public higher education institution which is developing with an unprecedented momentum. The history of the university may be short, but it is rich and proves to be an unparalleled story of success. Starting virtually from scratch in 2000 the institution has been developing with a breathtaking pace. AFMKU began from an idea in 1998 which was turned into a blueprint by the founding fathers. In the next step, upon ministerial accreditation, the institution was officially established (2000) and began functioning in rented buildings at several locations in Krakow. At that time, its academic offer included 5 fields of studies (international relations, family studies, marketing, management and administration) and just a little more than 1200 students were enrolled in the first year, which in itself was quite a big achievement – it was the first non-public higher education institution in Poland to start with such a wide offer.
Now, it is a thriving and vibrant academic centre based in the second largest city in Poland, Krakow, the city renowned for an exceptionally rich academic tradition going back over 600 years. Within 6 faculties, we offer 30 fields of study to nearly 9 000 students. We have built our own state-of-the-art Campus, which comprises the university administration, excellent teaching facilities, computer labs, cafeteria, shops, doctor’s office, gym, library, student organisations, tv studio, art galleries, university hotel and more. The remarkable progress that we have made can be clearly seen in the development of our academic offer which took place over this short period of time since the establishment.

The university campus is in an excellent location with easy access from the railway and bus stations as well as an international airport. It is based in the city centre on the Vistula bank some three kilometers from the historic heart of the metropolis – the tourist world-class attraction, Old Town, is just a thirty-minute walk away or ten-minute ride on one of the frequent bus or tramway services. Supermarkets, shopping centre, a cinema complex are all within a walking distance.

Tüm Programlar

  • Uluslararası Turizm 1.160,00 | 3 Yıl

    International Tourism is a specialization offered at the Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations, in the form of first-cycle (bachelor degree) full­time studies with English as the language of instruction.
    The offer is addressed to candidates from Poland and abroad with a good command of English.

    The studies aim at equipping the students with comprehensive theoret... Detaylı İncele

  • Tıp Eğitimi 12.000,00 | 6 Yıl

    Medical Programme
    Full-time studies in English: 10 semesters (5 years), plus 2 semesters of practical clinical training in year 6
    Medical Doctor: A Profession of Public Trust
    The profession of medical doctor is highly prestigious and enjoys social trust, however there are fewer and fewer practitioners in the field. This shortage will soon be a serious problem. In July 2015, Andrzej Fry... Detaylı İncele

  • International Business 1.160,00 | 3 Yıl

    International Business

    Main page › Studies in English › International Business print print
    At AFMKU we prepare you to face present and future challenges in the international business world. Through our unique learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities, you can gain knowledge, skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd in your future career. International Business is ... Detaylı İncele