Lodz Tıp Üniversitesi

Dear Students,

Congratulations and welcome to the Medical University of Łódź. We are truly delighted that you have chosen to study medicine at our institution.

We are extremely pleased to have you as a student at our University. You are joining an exciting program which will prepare you for the challenges, expectations, and opportunities that you will encounter in your career and throughout your life.

Being a doctor is a very noble and important profession. It is also very demanding and intense. There are various reasons one wants to become a doctor, however, anyone who wants to be one must understand how much work it takes to achieve that goal.

Our faculty and staff are excited about working with you and having you in our classes, research activities, events and other happenings. We provide high quality care and our clinical staff are proud to share their expertise with you. We are eager to assist you in achieving your goals as you work toward completing your college degree. Working together, we can help you establish and meet your goals to get ready for future challenges. We trust that your experience at international studies program will be as fulfilling and satisfying for you as it is for us.

On behalf of the Medical University of Lodz, may I wish you all every success in your study and your personal development. I believe that your time at one of the best medical schools in Poland, will be both academically productive and personally rewarding.

Vice-Dean for Studies in English
The Medical University of Łódź
Prof. Ireneusz Majsterek

Tüm Programlar

  • Medikal Hazırlık 0,00 | 1 Yıl

    About course 2016/2017.

    Preparatory Course taught in English is organized by Medical University in Lodz for the international students planning to apply for medical and dentistry programs in order to repeat and improve their knowledge required on the entrance exam. It also aims at making up the differences of candidates’ knowledge in the prerequisite subjects to help them in their fi... Detaylı İncele

  • Diş Hekimliği 13.000,00 | 5 Yıl

    Dentistry program is designed for high school/secondary school graduates. Program is based on requirements which are obligatory for the Polish medical higher education institutions and is adequate to EU standards.

    The Dentistry Teaching Center is equipped with new generation dental and phantom units placing the MUL center among the top quality medical education centers in Europe.Detaylı İncele

  • Tıp Eğitimi 10.500,00 | 6 Yıl

    6-year MD program is designed for high school/secondary school graduates. It is a full time study program based on requirements which are obligatory for the Polish medical higher education institutions and is adequate to EU standards.

    Intake: once a year in Fall

    Program consists of 3 years ( 6 semesters) of pre-clinical, basic subjects; anatomy, medical chemistry, biology, bi... Detaylı İncele

  • Biomedicine Research 4.000,00 | 4 Yıl

    The Medical University of Lodz offers an unique PhD program for international students. This program provides efficient training, enabling our graduates to become leaders in biomedicine research and education. Our PhD students have a great opportunity to lay a solid foundation for a particular research area. If you are curious about ideas, want to be challenged, engage in original research, and... Detaylı İncele