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Vincent Pol University (VPU) is a private university, located in Lublin in eastern Poland. It is approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees recognized across the European Union, and by extension these are recognized globally.
The University was founded in 2000, and has grown rapidly in popularity, with a current student community of around 3000, including over 40% international students, studying also on our degree courses that are taught through the medium of English.
Our students come from over 32 different countries, and find a warm welcome in Lublin. Many of them enjoy the opportunity to travel to the other parts of Europe during their vacations. We are proud to welcome students from the Americas, Africa and Asia, as well as other European countries. We have a dedicated International Student Office that can help with applications, visas, and accommodation.
VPU has been created for people who want to achieve their professional goals and develop their passions. At the heart of all we offer is our commitment to inspiring changes and transforming lives of young people. The knowledge, skills and experience gained during studying at our university enable our students to enhance their life skills and employability.

Vincent Pol University is provided with modern buildings with special teaching rooms fully adapted to the needs of the students of different classes such as physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, cosmetology, biomechanics, massage, chemistry, tourism, hotel industry, gastronomy, geography and IT. For maximum comfort and security the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and CCTV. The available facilities and technology ensure that all the students have access to extensive libraries (with about 22 000 volumes), innovative laboratories and free Wi-Fi connection, as well as various leisure facilities, including recreation rooms, such as gymnasiums, fitness suites, a swimming pool, and studios for aerobics classes and other sports activities, as well as a student cafeteria, which is a popular place for meetings, offering good quality and affordable meals and snacks.
In 2010 the University founded the Academic Physiotherapy Centre, a modern clinic boasting invaluable experience, to be used not only by our physiotherapy students but also by the citizens of Lublin. The centre has the most modern equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation, and is contracted with the Polish National Health System. Due to the invaluable experience gained from practical classes attended by future physiotherapists it is also a place where students do their clinical practice and where scientific research can be conducted.
Our students have the possibility to study and rest in – “Zielona Szkoła” – The University’s Education and Recreational Center in Piotrawin next to the Vistula River, located about 60 kilometers from Lublin and about 15 kilometers from Kazimierz Dolny, in the area of a beautiful landscape park. The Center can accommodate up to 50 people in comfortable conditions.

Tüm Programlar

  • Fizyo Terapi 4.800,00 | 3 Yıl

    Degree to be obtained:
    BSc Physiotherapy
    Bachelors degree: 3 years (6 semester)
    The mode of studies:
    – full-time studies
    Language of instruction:
    Bachelor degree: 180

    Physiotherapy is a medical profession providing healthcare services with respect to restoring and maintaining p... Detaylı İncele

  • Güzellik Bilimi 3.600,00 | 3 Yıl

    Beauty Science is a knowledge of beauty care techniques, which enables to conduct beauty treatments and chose suitable cosmetics. The main aim of our BSc Beauty Science programme is to educate highly qualified specialists endowed with broad theoretical and practical knowledge and prepared for the professional career in one of the fastest-growing market segments.
    The classes are taught in pro... Detaylı İncele

  • Our BSc International Business Management Programme is aimed at educating and training international business professionals working successfully in any country or culture. The programme is taught entirely in English to multicultural groups of students. The hands-on and case-based teaching approach provides each graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of business and economics, including the... Detaylı İncele

  • Spor Bilimi 3.600,00 | 3 Yıl

    Sport Science is a field of study examining the functioning of a healthy human body under the influence of exercise, training, and many other stimuli, and the ways of promoting health by means of physical activity. It is a multidisciplinary field of study, including such areas as Physiology, Psychology, Anatomy and Biochemistry.
    The main aim of ... Detaylı İncele

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management is a multidisciplinary field of study, which prepares people for managing various institutions within the hospitality industry, and for supplying culinary, accommodation and related services to tourists. The main aim of Tourism and Hospitality Management degree is to educate highly qualified specialists, endowed with broad theoretical and practical knowled... Detaylı İncele

  • Fizyo Terapi 5.200,00 | 2Yıl

    to Physiotherapy MSc programme and allows physiotherapists to specialise in their chosen areas of interest.

    MSc in Physiotherapy prepares students for independent work with ill and disabled patients applying physical methods with preventive and healing purposes. Students gain the abilities of planning and controlling the effectiveness of a medical rehabilitation process. Acquiring these... Detaylı İncele

  • Ulusararası Turizm 4.800,00 | 2Yıl

    General entry requirements:

    International students applying to our University have to submit documents confirming their graduation from a Bachelor’s study programme. The MA course of studies is addressed to graduates of all fields. Graduates of BA studies of any other field than Tourism and Hospitality Management will attend compensatory classes in a complementary module.

    Langua... Detaylı İncele