Kozminski Üniversitesi

Kozminski Universitesi Polonya'da EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA tarafından akredite tek işletme okuludur. Son derece prestijli ve kaliteli bir eğitim sağlamaktadır. Master programlarındaki uygulamalı eğitim sistemi yaygın bir şekilde bilindiği için, son yıllarda Türk öğrenciler tarafından da tercih edilmektedir.

Kozminski Universitesi bir çok  çift dal programları sunmaktadır.  Master  programlarından ''International Business and Management'' programı  Bradford University işbirliği ile yapılmaktadır ve Polonya da aynı zamanda İngiltere diploması almanızı da  sağlamaktadır.

Tüm Programlar

  • İşletme 4.050,00 | 3 Yıl

    The three-year Bachelor Program in Management (equivalent to a BSc or a BComm degree) is designed for students who are interested in pursuing managerial and entrepreneurial careers in both domestic and international companies.
    Conducted in English, the program consists of six semesters. Its objective is to provide students with a solid foundation in management, finance, accounting, human re... Detaylı İncele

  • Finsans ve Muhasebe 4.050,00 | 3 Yıl

    The Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting is a three-year program conducted in English that prepares students for work in corporate finance and accounting. Their knowledge and skills are developed intensively, as are their problem-solving and decision-making abilities, as they focus on formulating, implementing, and monitoring business strategy and policy.
    The ... Detaylı İncele

    The Kozminski University International Foundation Year (IFY) Program aims to prepare international students for further business studies conducted in English. IFY benefits those who wish to continue their studies to a degree level and beyond, but who are currently underqualified - both in language skills and in their subject specialization - to begin their undergraduate st... Detaylı İncele

  • Management 3.500,00 | 4 Yıl

    Participants must have an interest in research in addition to excellent academic transcripts. The programme is open to graduates from various disciplines (Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and other disciplines related to management) who aim to make significant theoretical and methodological contributions to Management Research

    ... Detaylı İncele
  • Digital Marketing 5.250,00 | 2 Yıl


    The program is aimed at preparing “digitally native” students for the role of managers and specialists ready to take advantage of Internet and network technologies in creating competitive advantage of an enterprise. The greatest value of the program is to provide the students with the mix of the top quality managerial courses with the specialized courses linked with Internet and t... Detaylı İncele

  • Management 4.050,00 | 2Yıl

    Üniversite 'nin İşletme sıralaması dünya'da 42.sıradadır. Son derece önemli bir İşletme okuludur.

    In 2015 Kozminski University ranked 42rd in the Global Masters in Management Ranking published by "Financial Times".
    The Master Program in Management is designed to meet global market demand for qualified graduates with a wide range of business skills, a kn... Detaylı İncele

  • Kozminski Üniversitesi İşletme alanında dünyada 42.sıradadır. Son derece kaliteli ve prestijli bir diploma sağlamaktadır.

    The Master in International Business and Management (IBM) is a program run jointly with University of Bradford located in the United Kingdom.
    The Master’s IBM degree is designed to educate international managers, experts, researchers, consultants, and exe... Detaylı İncele

  • Finance And Accounting 4.250,00 | 2Yıl

    In 2016 Kozminski University was ranked 18th in the world in the Global Masters in Finance Ranking published by "Financial Times". It is the only university ranked from Central and Eastern Europe.
    The Master’s Program in Finance and Accounting has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. This status is granted to institutions whose degree program(s) incorporate at... Detaylı İncele

  • European Business 9.450,00 | 2Yıl

    The ESCP Europe Master in European Business (MEB) is an intensive general management program taught over 1 year across 2 countries of your choice. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB is a life-changing program which concludes with a business degree at an international level. It provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation ... Detaylı İncele

  • Executive MBA 15.000,00 | 1 yıl


    55th edition - the admission is open until 17.09.2018, and the programme is scheduled to start in september 2018. *

    • Admission depends on the result of a GMAT type test - 20 % of the content is written in English - and on the outcome of an interview.
    • A GMAT test will be composed of two parts: mathematical (problem solving) part - assessing ... Detaylı İncele