Candidates from around the world have an opportunity to apply for the 6-year M.D. Programme at English Division at the Medical University of Gdańsk. The extended curriculum is based on strict European and US standards. Upon graduation, students receive a diploma of Medical Doctor (M.D.) and can apply for a license to practice medicine.


Candidates interested in studies at the 6-year M.D. programme (English Division) should:

Register on-line in electronic candidate database (available at: admission2017.mug.edu.pl).
Fill in on-line application form for 6-year M.D. programme.
Submit a complete application package by regular mail to the Admissions Office at the Medical University of Gdańsk between 1st of March 2017 and 16th of July 2017.
Medical University of Gdańsk
University Admission Office
Al. Zwycięstwa 41-42
80-210 Gdansk

Candidates have to be at least High School graduates and hold High School Diploma with grades in biology and chemistry. Candidates are obliged to take an entrance exam in biology and chemistry at the High School level which is organized by the University. Entrance exam (topics, eqample questiones) will take a place at Medical University of Gdańsk on 30th of June 2017 and 28th of July 2017. The Admission Committee selects the candidates on the basis of their final scores from entrance exam, scores from High School Diploma in biology and chemistry and optional score from an additional oral examination (Admission Committee’s decision).

Candidates with IB Diploma are selected on the basis of their scores from IB Diploma in biology HL and chemistry HL and score from an oral examination.

Documents required in admission process:

signed application form (printed from the electronic candidate database available at: admission2017.mug.edu.pl)
a copy of High School Diploma (or its equivalent) in the candidate’s native language certified by candidate’s school or by a public notary
an English translation of the above original document, translated and certificated by candidate’s school or by a sworn translator (does not apply to documents in English or Polish)
a photocopy of the applicant’s passport certified by a public notary
two recent (size 35mm-45mm) photographs (head not covered) signed at the back
a certificate confirming English language skills
Copies of documents may be certified as true copies by the Admission Officer if candidate submits the original documents in person for review.

Incomplete application packages will not be taken into the consideration!

Documents required after acceptance:

original High School Diploma or its equivalent legalized or with apostille
copy of agreement signed
document confirming payment of admission fee and orientation week fee.