Solo Singing

The Department provides young artists with vocal and acting training, preparing them for working at music theatres (opera, operetta, musical), and for stage activity using different vocal forms –songs, cantatas and oratorios. The curriculum covers the sub jects aimed at developing vocal technique (Solo Singing), vocal preparation of the repertoire consisting of different forms and styles (Work with Pianist, Opera Parts Development –cooperation with the Great Theatre –National Opera and Warsaw Chamber Oper a, Study of Recitative, Execution of Baroque Music, Chamber Music, Vocal Ensembles), as well as stage preparation (Basics of Play Acting, Diction, Dance, Style and Gesture, Stage Make - up – cooperation with the Theatre Academy, Unit of Dance at Dept 5 of th e FCUM and School of Art Visage).
The Department offers general music subjects, humanities and other subjects necessary for developing skills and widening knowledge. It also offers an option to acquire practical skills thanks to participation in operas, concerts and music events presented at the FCUM and other institutions of culture –cooperation with Gorzów Philharmonic, Holy Cross Philharmonic, Subcarpathian Philharmonic, Musicakademie Rheinsberg, Paderewski Symphony Orchestra in Chicago, and others